Occupational Therapy


Here at Talk Active Therapy Clinic we provide pediatric occupational therapy services for infants through young adulthood.

Pediatric Occupational Therapy

Here at Talk Active Therapy Clinic, we provide pediatric occupational therapy services for infants through young adulthood. Our occupational therapy services take a developmental approach to address areas of physical ability (fine and gross motor skills), sensory processing and modulation, handwriting skills, visual motor skills, and self-help skills. We offer OT services in our clinic and school settings, utilizing therapeutic equipment and techniques to best meet your children’s needs.

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Your child may benefit from occupational therapy services if they display:

  • Poor fine motor skills
  • Immature gross motor skills
  • Decreased motor control
  • Decreased eye hand coordination
  • Overly sensitive to sensory input
  • Under responsive to sensory input
  • Touches people or objects constantly (seeking sensory input)
  • Crashes and/or bangs into people or objects
  • Poor attention/difficulty sitting still
  • Difficulty calming self
  • Difficulty with sleeping
  • Difficulty with sitting still, attention, and/or behavior
  • Emotional reactivity
  • Reactive to feel of clothing, baths, haircuts, nail cutting, or tooth brushing
  • Limited play skills
  • Poor social development
  • Limited independence in self care skills
  • Difficulty transitioning or accepting change in the environment or a routine
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Results You Can Expect From Speech Therapy

Your child’s work with a Occupational Therapist may last for months or even for a few years. It depends on your child’s needs.

The therapist should give you and your child strategies to deal with obstacles more effectively. She will likely give you activities to practice at home to reinforce the skills your child is learning. Kids who make the most progress tend to be those whose get involved in their treatment.

It’s important that the Occupational therapist and your child are a good match. The Occupational therapist should have experience working with kids with your child’s specific issue. Occupational therapy is just one way to help a child with developmental issues.